About Cerindo Express

Cerindo Express (“CEREX”) is the brand name of PT. Cerindo Gunawan Lintas (“CGL”) transportation services, which has been active in pick-up and delivery (pickadel) activity since being established on 1 December 2005.

PT. CGL is affiliation of Cerindo Group, starting its business by providing transportation services for its sister companies. With our capability, quality service, and most of all is of our reliable delivery time, we are trusted to pick up and deliver domestic cargo by land transportation, sea, and air. Gradually, we are getting more experienced enhancing our expertise in this business field.

CEREX offers cargo transportation throughout the nation. Just name any province in Java, Sumatera, Bali, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Papua/Irian Jaya, we would handle the delivery for you. From a small pick up to a big entrust, no matter how many packages would be safely arrive in the receiver’s hands.

CEREX upholds quality by maintaining pick up, delivery time, safety, good handling, and treat your cargo as valuable entrust. Our motto: “Let us deliver” confirming that customers can do their work, without worrying of their valuable entrusts.